In other news … (Aug 17 – 23)

Lessons For Us – The July 22 commission report that has lambasted the Norwegian police efforts during Anders Breivik’s murderous rampage in Olso and Utøya, which left 77 people dead, will be used by Danish security authorities to avoid a similar situation from occurring here. The Norwegian commission indicated that many lives could have been saved had security at the government building been improved, the police communicated better and intelligence paid more attention to tip-offs. The Danish police have said that they will thoroughly study the 500-page report in order to enhance security measures at home.

Ole Stig Andersen, the former head of  PET, faces criticism for breaking PETÂ’s lifetime confidentiality agreement with USA. (Photo:Colourbox)Kicked Out – The Memoirs of Ole Stig Andersen, the former head of domestic intelligence agency PET, have revealed that Denmark expelled CIA agents from the country in the 1970s for illegally eavesdropping on the North Korean Embassy. The expulsion had been kept secret until now out of deference to the Americans, but now that Andersen has spilled the beans, he has faced criticism for breaking PET’s lifetime confidentiality agreement and for what some right-wing politicians say was an inappropriate way to treat the US, a close ally of Denmark, in the midst of the Cold War. Others, however, defended the action.


Police rescues mentally unstable man after he got stuck in a chimney at a Danske Bank. (Photo:Scanpix7Claus Bech)Tight Quarters – A 27-year-old man spent 12 hours stuck in a chimney at a Danske Bank in Frederiksberg last week on Saturday. After some time stuck in the chimney, the man was able to work free his mobile phone to call his father, who in turn called police. After police freed the man, it was determined that there was no criminal intent and that he was mentally unstable. “He hadn’t taken his medication and had taken some amphetamines instead,” Henrik Orye of the Copenhagen Police told Jyllands-Posten newspaper. “Then some little green men came to him and told him that the chimney was the way to paradise. So he jumped down there.”