Who is … Ida Corr?


She is a Danish-Gambian singer who took her first major bow as an 11-year old on the first ever children’s Melodi Grand Prix. And on Monday it was confirmed she will be one of the judges on the next season of ‘X Factor’. 


I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before.

No, you probably haven’t, but you’ve probably heard her voice. Her ‘Let Me Think About It’ collaboration with Fedde Le Grand was played nonstop through practically every speaker on the planet during the summer of 2007.


Oh, that was her? What has she done since then?

Not much. Her last album was in 2009, though she’s released a steady stream of singles since then – the last of which was called ‘Naughty Girl’ and is in Danish.


Is it any good? 

In a word: no, she’s like a female Nik & Jay. And so far it’s not getting very much playtime but now she’s the new X Factor judge – watch this space.


I heard she has a famous boyfriend …

She has a boyfriend who plays football for Danish First Division club AB.


So he’s not exactly famous then, is he?

If you manage to find a channel that shows their games, he’s the goalie with the beard who looks like he’d be more at home on the pages of National Geographic under the headline: ‘Yeti found in Gladsaxe’.


Do we have any idea of what she’s going to be like in the judge’s chair?

She claims she will be kind and mellow. We’re hoping she’ll take some inspiration from her latest single and bring some naughtiness to the table and maybe pick a fight with Thomas Blachman. Let’s face it, anyone would have been an improvement on Pernille Rosendahl.