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What a wonderful couple of weeks it has been sharing the triumphs and tears of the global athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The boys saw many of the various sports, and I watched as their enthusiasm and patriotism for both Great Britain and Denmark grew as the Games progressed. 


I remember clearly as a child running endless laps around the garden as my father timed me and my cousins whilst we aimed to emulate Linford Christie and co. (As an adult, I now think he was being kind to us and that my nine second 100-metre sprint was possibly fictitious on his part.) 


And I hoped that the spirit of the Games would infect the children in much the same way and was delighted one day to find them perfecting forward rolls in unison as they watched the gymnastics. I was ever so slightly less delighted upon realising that at the peak of each roll their aim was to emit wind from their bottoms, but their giggles showed they had no such inhibitions. 


As I hear them charge around the garden being Mo Farah, I feel a sense of responsibility and a need to bottle their excitement for sports, and thankfully Copenhagen has lots to offer in this respect. Just last week, my eldest spent five days training with hundreds of school-age children at a Danish football camp. He had an amazing time and came home exhausted but eager to return each morning to his new friends and a very well organised yet fun training programme.


The author's kids were part of the mini marathon for the fourth consecutive year

Of course, the weather does dictate and each sport has its own season, so it is worth investigating what happens and when. Not that a little rain ever put anyone off in Copenhagen! We will continue with the various sports we already know and love, but I will use the Olympic moment to encourage the children to try new activities in this new school year … although maybe not air-propelled gymnastics.


Contact your local council for information regarding the activities available in your area, but here are some other suggestions.


Sparta Politiken Mini Marathon – In May, the two eldest joined in with the Sparta Politiken Mini Marathon at the stadium in Østerbro. It was our fourth year competing in the races and one of the best family days in our calendar. The little ones go first with their one kilometre races staged according to their birth year – parents are free to run alongside and it can get pretty competitive as they vie to be the first off at the starting pistol! The older children run a two-kilometre race that takes them out of the stadium and around a course before returning to their moment of glory at the finish line. You do not need to be a member of Sparta club to join the marathon, and it takes place in May each year. Just go online and fill in the application, or alternatively sign up on the day for a little extra charge.

Saturday 18 May 2013 (80kr); Apply online at –Invauable resource detailing all the sport to be found in Copenhagen as well as many other leisure time activities.


 'Do nothing' is an art in this fast-paced world. So teach your kids to appreciate the leisure momentDanseplaneten – This is a dance school very close to the international schools offering a range of dance styles for all ages. The International dance class is on Thursday afternoons. See its website for more information.

Waterfront Shopping Centre, Hellerup;


Hellerup Idræts Klub – This sports club, which is set in the heart of Hellerup, offers football, tennis and handball for adults and children. Enquire for more information.

Hartmannsvej 37, 2900 Hellerup 


CrossFit Copenhagen – Max effort cross training for adults, but children can now join in specialised classes at the weekend.


Nørrebro Klatreklub (Climbing club) – Membership costs 390kr for children, 890kr for adults.

Nørrebrohallen at Bragesgade 5, Cph N;


Sally McWilliam has lived in Copenhagen for four years with her family. During this time, she has established a website,, in which describes many of the wonderful places to visit within the region. Sally is also a co-founder and author of the new English blog for Aarstiderne,