Lollipop and cool stories


Good storytelling is the crux of all theatrical performances. This is a lesson that the newly-formed Moonhound Theatre group integrated well, as their Friday August 17 performance ‘Evening in the Secret Garden’ clearly showed.


The troupe, made up of four students from the Commedia School, welcomed their audience into a house garden in Østerbro. The decor was basic but cosy: mattresses, sheets, carpets and garden were spread across the grass.


As the members of the audience came through the front door, they were led across the garden by a small path marked by lollipops, granting the scene a look similar to that of the un-birthday party scene in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, thus explaining the name of the performance.


There, the troupe unveiled four short stories. Each of the four narrators told a separate one, bringing to it a personal touch and specific talents.


The stories were diverse and entertaining, highlighting the troupe’s excellent writing. From a children’s tale – as was their first story, recalling the sad destiny of a town punished for chasing mythical animals away – to the sadder monologue of a talking piano (their third piece, based on the story of Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman), all tastes were met and all faces rejoiced.


No less impressive was the group’s acting. Hilarious gimmicks, impressive physical performances, acrobatics and entertaining accents were the trademark of the multicultural group.

British siblings Kaye and Sam Saylor hypnotised the crowd with their lively Yorkshire accents. Sam, giving a solo performance, charmed guests with his warm around the fire-like storytelling. Kaye kept the audience sharp, energetically bringing the stories to life.


Fabiola Gonzalez from Mexico convinced the audience with her whimsical gimmicks, while enacting a fussy goddess with whom a mortal had fallen in love with.

American born David Roby gave the most applauded display: his powerful voice and á la Chaplin body language pleased a laughing crowd.


Regardless of the odd location – and of the neighbour’s loud music – the foursome pulled off an unexpectedly good show, which they hope will be the basis for future 



Evening in the Secret Garden