Awesome news for Aarhus

Jutland city will be a European Capital of Culture in 2017

The Danish government has confirmed that Aarhus is its choice to carry the title of European Capital of Culture in 2017. Every year, a European Union selection panel chooses two countries, giving them one year in which to select a city to hold the honour in a further five years time. And in the end, Aarhus was preferred to the other candidate, Sønderborg.

Aarhus, which is Denmark’s second largest city, has of late carved out a strong cultural reputation thanks in part to Aarhus University, the Aarhus International Jazz Festival and Aarhus Festuge.

The Capital of Culture programme began in 1985 as a way to highlight the vibrancy and diversity of different cultures throughout Europe while celebrating cultural links that unite European nations. Since its inception, more than 40 cities have been selected as culture capitals, including Copenhagen in 1996. The 2012 capitals are Guimarães, Portugal, and Maribor, Slovenia.

Being selected a Capital of Culture has proven highly beneficial, revitalising the cities themselves while boosting their international and local image. The year-long programme also brings substantial tourism and with that a financial stimulus.

Before being selected, Aarhus Council posted on its official website its vision of Aarhus as a Capital of Culture as “a process which will challenge and change, stimulate and strengthen the city and the region from a number of perspectives”.