Dansk Folkeparti excludes member after racist comments

Anti-Muslim hate speech costs Sorø woman membership in local DF chapter

Until recently, Ida M. Trondhjem was vice-president of Dansk Folkeparti’s local chapter in the Zealand town of Sorø. The revelation by the website P77 that Trondhjem used the alias ‘Margrethe Blå’ to engage in hate speech and write derogatory comments about Muslims on the Facebook page of the anti-Islamist group Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark (SIAD), cost her membership in the right-wing party.

In a comment on SIAD’s Facebook page, Trondhjem wrote that she had tried to keep her identity secret, but “now that DF has thrown me out anyway, I am not afraid to show my face. I wish they were in favor of free speech and able to co-operate with SIAD”.

In earlier comments on SIAD’s website, Trondhjem insulted Muslims and expressed her support for violence against immigrants in Greece.

Trondhjem’s information and picture have been removed from the website of DF's Sorø chapter.