Community Photo Album | Performances and pancakes pazzazz the expats at City Hall

Copenhagen’s mayor of culture and leisure, Pia Allerslev, officially starts the Expat Fair, encouraging those present to arrive with “open doors, open hearts and open minds” and, if it should come to that, leave as “ambassadors of Copenhagen”. It couldn’t be a speech in the capital without mentioning bikes and the Danish love of two wheels, but her suggestion to try cycling in the snow may be one push too many.

ItÂ’s all smiles at the top as Allerslev (middle) is joined by two of the fairÂ’s organisers, Trine Ingeberg and Jonas Kongstad

After some intense discussion, the kids from Kampkunst karate, Jasmine, Camilla, Clara and Leon, go for the casual catalogue model pose over the action-chop, saving themselves for their show later on

Plate upon plate of the legendary pancakes. After extensive scientific sampling we can report that they were very, very tasty

DenmarkÂ’s Nina with Canadian boyfriend Victor, who is on a break from his regular Norwegian commute to work in the oil industry

Taking a break from working at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, SpainÂ’s Dario and ItalyÂ’s Matteo confessed to once seeing a copy of The Copenhagen Post lying in the office, but after gracing the pages will now of course become regular readers

Coca-Cola reveals its new marketing campaign will feature Bulgarian commissioning engineer Doncho Bachvarov, and one of his children, Hristina, a freshly enrolled pupil at Rygaards school

With a Syddansk University masterÂ’s degree, SloveniaÂ’s Klavdija and Ukrainian CBS graduate Neringa impress the fair with their credentials

The sales and marketing manager for the popular LetsGo car sharing service, Lars Barfred, who moonlights as a pumpkin-seller, reveals a preference for chatting to all the internationals as they ask more questions than the Danish

The supreme guardians of the pancakes, Dorthe and Stefen, refuse to reveal the 100-year-old secret recipe despite the suggestion of money possibly exchanging hands

Representing the paper, Dima Paranytsia auditions for the Centro Cultural Senzala de Capoeira group as the children look on in sheer awe at his muscle control

Despite looking like the end of a school disco, these performers wowed the audience with their acrobatics and showmanship