If it walked on by, no worries, try 2013!


The ECCO Walkathon is a great family event that offers an insight into healthy living combined with a lot of fun activities for both young and old. On Sunday, Countess Alexandra together with her two sons, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix, opened the 6km route, while Denmark’s health guru Chris MacDonald set off the 10km walkers. “It is so important that ECCO runs events like the ECCO Walkathon, where a healthy and active lifestyle is in focus, and inspire people to show how you can exercise during a busy daily life,” said MacDonald. 


Health and exercise are a focal point at the event, and along the routes it was possible to try out different sports-related activities for the children with instructors from DGI. Participants could also preorder a healthy packed lunch from Danish restaurant chain Cofoco and dieticians from the Danish Heart Foundation. 


I was invited along by ECCO as a representative of healthy and active living, and I had a great day at the event where I walked the 6km with my sister and my little nephew. As a dietician, many people ask for my advice on health and nutrition, and simply signing up to an event like this offers a perfect way to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into your life, whilst enjoying a great day out for the whole family. 

Many families walked with prams and strollers, and the youngsters were kept amused by Kristian and Katrine, the well-known Danish TV presenters from DR children’s show ‘Lille Nørd’, and the Danish band Hej Matematik’. There were also other bands present, including Hot Pans Steelband.


Enjoying the day was travel agent Sunmi Yun from South Korea, who was walking with her Danish husband and mother-in-law. While her mother-in-law had participated in the ECCO Walkathon ten times, it was Yun’s first time. “It was a very nice walk and we had fantastic weather all the way,” she said, “It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and the money goes to a great cause.”


The ECCO Walkathon, the largest walking event in Denmark, takes place in cities across Denmark and the world on an annual basis. The 16,000 Danish participants choose either the 6 or 10km option, and for each kilometre walked, ECCO donates one euro (7.5 kroner) to one of their chosen charities. This year ECCO donated one million kroner to SOS Children Villages, the WWF, and the local health project, Børnehjertefonden. 


Vivi Okholm, the global sponsorships and events manager at ECCO, was happy with the big turnout. “It has been a really good day and we are very happy with all the people who have participated and yet again have supported the ECCO Walkathon’s three charities,” she said. “This year we had an extra focus on health and exercise through our collaboration with DGI and the various activities we have offered the participants. It is important for ECCO to take a social responsibility and support projects that inspire an active lifestyle.”


So if you want an active and fun day out seeing the sights of the city, this event is highly recommended. Denmark also offers a number of walkathons and runs throughout the year, so be inspired and sign up for one to enjoy a happier and healthier life. 


ECCO Walkathon – sign up for 2013!

Kastellet, Cph K

Last Sun in August

Tickets 50kr, under-12s 25kr 


The author is an accredited practising dietician providing expert advice on healthy eating, weight management, fertility treatment, food allergies and more. She is committed to improving the health and nutrition of individuals through practical and evidence-based advice in English and Danish.