Who is … Rasmus Nøhr?

He’s a 40-year-old Danish singer who rose to (somewhat) fame in 2004 with his first single, ‘Den glade pizzabud’ (the happy pizza delivery), a duet he did with Ida Corr. This autumn he will be starring in ‘Vild med dans’, Denmark’s version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. 


What’s he done?

He’s released four albums. The last one was all about how he’d cheated on his girlfriend, and how much he wanted her back. 


Did it work?

No. Her new boyfriend beat him up and nearly broke his arm.


Ouch. So what’s he done lately? 

He got some good press earlier this month when he jumped into a river to save a drunken Spaniard, who then tried to beat him up after regaining consciousness.


Another beating! Why?

He was probably scared. If an extra from ‘Deliverance’ was leaning over you, you’d freak out too. 


It’s the teeth, isn’t it?

Definitely. He seems to be a pretty decent guy, though – infidelity and gambling aside, of course.



He once had dreams of becoming a professional backgammon player, although he probably wouldn’t have been very well suited to that lifestyle. His first manager conned him out of 50,000 kroner, and a Las Vegas club owner likewise stung him over a $5,000 ‘deposit’.


Maybe he’s not all that bright?

That would explain his recent penchant for reality TV contests, which includes being one of the choir leaders on the 2010 programme ‘All Stars’.



He cried when he was voted off.


Poor Rasmus!

Hopefully he’ll have better luck on the dancefloor this time around. At the very least he can look forward to being the second-most famous C-list celebrity on the show after actor Thomas Bo Larsen. The remainder are as anonymous as an AA meeting.