TV listings | Boardwalk’s back … twice

So HBO is launching its own Nordic channel. Makes sense as the US makes all the decent drama series. Two of these, Boardwalk Empire and Dexter (TV3 Puls, Thu 22:00), are back for their second and sixth seasons, just weeks before their brand new series debut in the US and on our computer screens.

While Boardwalk continues to be top-notch and very possibly the best period drama ever, Dexter has hit a rut after four extremely entertaining series and a fifth that was only so-so. Still, both series finish with absolute sledgehammers, while the penultimate episode of Boardwalk was the finest this reviewer had seen since ‘Pine Barrens’ from series three of The Sopranos.

Goes without saying we’re not going to tell you what they’re about. If you consider yourself a fan of quality TV and aren’t squeamish, then you have to see them. They’re proof that TV has been kicking cinema’s behind for a decade.

Also back for new series are Mad Men (TV3 Puls, Wed 22:00) and Merlin (SV2, Sat 18:15), while Inside Men (SV1, Sat 21:30) is a relatively acclaimed British miniseries, but its plot premise – a robbery committed by colleagues at work – is as tired a format as reality TV singing contests.  

Confessions of a Sex Addict TV2, Sun 23:35 Shagging can get boring as well. Ask British stand-up Jeff Leach, 27, the subject of the BBC’s Confessions of a Sex Addict, who is trying to curb his Don Juan instincts and settle down. If he really wanted to succeed, he’d cut the ‘A’ from his surname – that would warn them off.

Yeah, quicker than the sound of Ronald Reagan singing. Fortunately, the acclaimed 2011 doc Reagan (SV1, Tue 22:00 & DRK, Sun 15:35) focuses on the highs and lows of his political career, like how he won the Cold War and once claimed “trees cause more pollution than automobiles”.  

Elsewhere, get your flags out for Last Night of the Proms (DRK, Sat 20:30); Alt for Danmark (K5, ep1: Sat 19:00, ep2: Mon 20:50) sees Americans compete against each other for a chance to meet their Danish relatives (worst prize ever?); and following the trend of interactive series, if you can join the dots of The Hunt for Mubarak’s Millions (BBC World, Sun 22:10) you could win a zillion billion quid.

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