Check it out Buster: movies for minors

Buster Film Festival For children and youths 13-23 Septmeber Various locations 15kr per film


Tell your kids to forget all about Cannes, Tribeca or Toronto, because the most exciting film festival for children is once again coming to Copenhagen. Next week Buster Film Festival will be screening over 120 films from around the world, including feature films, shorts and documentaries – all for young audiences. 


With a focus on providing insight into other cultures found both within Denmark and abroad, the festival will feature films from the US, Belgium, France, Japan, Equador, Canada and India, as well as Denmark. 


In addition to the cinematic screenings, which will be held in cinemas, museums, culture houses and even Copenhagen Zoo, Buster will be hosting a wide range of workshops that will give kids a chance to explore different aspects of filmmaking for themselves. Whether you have the next Steven Spielberg or maybe a Meryl Streep hiding in your family, there will be something for everyone with workshops in 3D-animation, film scenography, foley-work and acting classes.  


Although those films with an under 10 rating will be dubbed to Danish, all movies with a 13+ rating will be in their original language with English subtitles. 


Top Picks:


17 Girls (14) – This French drama follows a group of teenage girls who make the choice to get pregnant at the same time. Based on a true story, directors Delphine and Muriel Coulin chronicle how a little town in Northern France copes with suddenly having 17 pregnant teenagers on their hands. 

Palads; Fri Sep 14, 10:00, Mon Sep 17, 12:15; Tue Sep 18, 12:15


Bully (14) – Lee Hirsch’s critically acclaimed  2011 documentary chronicles the ever-growing problem of bullying within American schools. Following both the bullies and their victims, the film sheds light on how detrimental the cycle of bullying is for both children and their families.

Palads; Fri Sep 14, 12:30, Grand Teatret; Tue Sep 18, 10:15