Elephants on the loose in Copenhagen traffic

September 12th, 2012

This article is more than 12 years old.

Pachyderms temporarily wandered away from the circus

The two elephants that escaped from Cirkus Benneweis to take a stroll down Borups Alle in Copenhagen this morning have been recaptured.

Louise Mandrup, a spokesperson for the circus, said the elephants were back in their tent.

A trainer had turned their back for a moment and one elephant, Vana Mana, walked into the street. The trainer noticed right away and used the second elephant, Sonja, to get the first elephant back. Mandrup said she regretted the incident, but that the elephants were never more than 200 metres away from the circus grounds and that the trainer was with them the entire time.

The Copenhagen Post is asking that anyone who may have snapped a photo of the elephants in the street get in touch at news@cphpost.dk

This story was updated at 10:34 AM, 12/09/2012


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