Politician to unemployed mother: “It’s good you’re sterilised”

Unemployed mother-of-three said she was shocked by the statement by the libertarian MP

Liberal Alliance's chairman and MP, Simon Emil Ammitzbøll, told a woman during the shooting of a television show that he was glad she got herself sterilised.

The clip, shown on tabloid Ekstra Bladet’s website, shows Ammitzbøll walking with 35-year-old Mette Hansen, a mother with three children from three different fathers.

“I think it is sensible that you have sterilised yourself,” Ammitzbøll said. “I think that’s fair if it means I’m not going to finance your life.”

Ammitzbøll also said that Hansen ought to cut her hair and remove her piercings in order to improve her chances of getting a job.

Hansen, who is opposed to abortion and has been receiving cash welfare benefits for the past eight months, was shocked by Ammitzbøll’s statements.

“I’m shaken that someone like Simon Emil says it’s a good thing I got sterilized. It’s unhuman,” she said on the clip from the television show, ‘Velkommen til virkeligheden’ (‘Welcome to Reality’) that will be aired Thursday on TV2 at 8pm.