Danish postal bikes win big in Brussels

September 20th, 2012

This article is more than 12 years old.

The new electric bikes from the Post Danmark earn innovation prize at international post conference

For the past year, Denmark’s streets and bike lanes have been sharing space with a new mode of hybrid transportation: Post Danmark’s two and three-wheeled electric bikes.

Now, those bikes have received international recognition in the form of an innovation prize at the international postal conference, Post-Expo, held this week in Brussels.

The bikes, which feature a flexible box system for their cargo, were developed by Post Denmark and have begun to replace its fleet of ordinary bikes and petrol-run scooters. Post Danmark said the bikes are better for both the environment and its employees.

“I am very proud of the prize,” Martin von Horsten, Post Danmark’s head of distribution, said in a release. “It proves that we have developed the right kind of distributional transport. These electric bikes make sure that we have a more effective and greener distribution, as well as a better working environment for our postal delivery staff.”

The electric bikes initiative is part of the company’s goals of reducing its CO2 output by 40 percent before 2020, and with more electric bikes being seen on the streets, they look to be well on their way.


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