Police to start cruising in Mercedes

Police buy flashy German rides, citing lower running costs and environmental impact

In the late-80s glory days of gangsta rap, the famous NWA song ‘F*ck tha Police’ featured Ice Cube rapping the line: “You’d rather see me in the pen / than me and Lorenzo rollin’ in the Benzo.”

But starting in April of next year, police will be the ones cruising around in Mercedes-Benz.

The Danish national police force is ditching Ford for Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, according to a press release. 

While the police admit the cars are more expensive to buy, they justified the purchases based on their reduced environmental impact and lower operational and repair costs.

"We examined not only the purchasing price of the cars, but also their fuel usage and the servicing costs over their lifetimes," Bettina Jensen from Rigspolitiet wrote in the press release.

Police patrol cars will be swapped out with C-Class Mercedes-Benz and VW Passats while case workers will be given VW Golfs, VW Polos and B-Class Mercedes-Benz.