Who is Nikolaj Sonne?

He is a 35-year-old journalist and the TV host of the show ‘So Ein Ding’ on DR2.

What is ‘So Ein Ding’?
It means ‘so a thing’ in German and is a consumer show where Sonne reviews the newest technological gadgets. Any reasoning behind the title being in German remains unknown.

So it’s just him talking about computers?
No, he reviews everything, from cameras, mobile phones and laptops to any other new Inspector Gadget-style items in the technology market. Though there isn’t room for much else to shine with those big Apple-tinted glasses Sonne always seems to be wearing.

So he’s a bit biased to Lord Jobs then?
It most certainly seems that way. He considers the iPhone to be the “most powerful gadget the world has ever seen” and claims to have taught himself to sail by reading online instructions via his iPad. Some viewers have even gone so far as to call the show blatant advertising for Apple.

What else happens on the show?
Apart from the aforementioned gadget reviews, not much else. A new season of the show just started up again on September 12, and this time Sonne has a hot new female co-host. But he’s probably not too keen on that fact, seeing as he doesn’t seem to hold the female gender and their technological skills in too high esteem.

Say what?
A Euroman interview with Sonne from March of this year sheds light on some pretty archaic and downright sexist opinions. Including that only men are able to master a machine to perfection along with the ever so original “women can’t drive”. Sonne maintains this is due to some distinct biological differences: men are focused hunters, whereas women are scatterbrained creatures who are continually being distracted.

So he’s single then?
Sonne isn’t married and doesn’t have any kids yet – but when he does he plans on passing on his extensive sailing knowledge to his son. Should he only havedaughters, one of them will have to do.