Quiet night on the sofa shattered by gunfire

Two injured when bullets rip through residential windows outside Copenhagen

A couple relaxing in an allotment cottage in southwest Copenhagen on Saturday night were wounded by a barrage of bullets that shattered the cottage’s windows.

A 33-year-old Danish man suffered a flesh wound to the face and other more serious bullet wounds to his upper arm and shoulder. A 23-year-old Swedish woman was wounded in the thigh. Both victims were taken to Rigshospitalet and are out of danger.  Both have talked to police, who said they have had contact with them before.

“We know the victims from the past," Jan Nielsen from the Copenhagen Police told TV 2 News. “I cannot say how much, but we do know about them.”

The male victim is reported to have what police called a “minor” criminal record.

Witnesses said that they heard five or six shots shatter the front window of the small house on Pilestykket near the Ny Ellebjerg train station.

Police said that there is nothing to suggest that this latest shooting is linked to ongoing clashes between rival biker groups in the area.

"The shooting is not directly related to anything with gangs,” said Nielsen. “This is a local issue between people who are angry at each other."

The investigation is ongoing. Police said they found evidence of 9 mm ammunition at the site, but still have not established a motive.