Drunken mid-air fight leads to emergency landing in Billund

Brit and Estonian duke it out in-flight

Everybody’s had a flight where one of their fellow passengers is a bit annoying, but a 32-year-old Brit and a 35-year-old Estonian took their mutual dislike for each other too far during a Ryan Air flight from Tallinn to London.

The two passengers became angry at each other and began to throw blows. The fight got so out of hand that the airplane was forced to make an emergency landing around 4:30pm yesterday in Billund to get the two rowdy brawlers off of the plane.

According to media reports, four local police officers boarded the plane after its landing. They were able to calmly put the Brit in custody, but corralling the Estonian proved more difficult.

“The 35-year-old from Estonia was so worked up that the flight personnel had to hold him down in his seat,” Svend Pedersen, a spokesperson for the southern Jutland police force, told the Ritzau news bureau.

Both men were eventually removed from the plane and taken to a detention centre in Vejle. In addition to facing police charges, they may also be forced to pay compensation costs to Ryan Air.