Who is … Bjørn Lomborg?

He is a 47-year-old academic and environmental writer. He is best known for his best-selling and controversial 2001 book, ‘The Sceptical


So why is this book of his so controversial?
Lomborg claimed that all the most-publicised information and predictions about climate change are wrong. He once called the greenhouse effect a “myth”.


So he doesn’t believe in global warming?
No, he does believe in global warming, but doesn’t seem to think the issue is too pressing. He campaigned against the Kyoto Protocol, stating that short-term temperature rises were


And this turned out to be a bestseller?
Yes. But not everyone loved it – many environmental scientists lodged complaints against the work, and the Danish Committees on Scientific Honesty (DCSD) slapped him with not one, but six different accusations of scientific dishonesty, including the fabrication of data, plagiarism and the deliberate selective discarding of unwanted results.


Ouch. Did he get into a lot of trouble?
No, not really. His book was deemed to be scientifically dishonest, but Lomborg himself wasn’t in any trouble, as they figured he didn’t have enough expertise within that area to be deliberately falsifying facts.  


Say what?
Lomborg has an MA and a PhD in political science, so his findings within environmental sciences are, pretty much,


Okay, so what is he doing now?
Because his first book went down so well, Lomborg decided to publish another book in 2007, this time the oh-so-modestly entitled ‘Solutions for the World’s Biggest Problems’. These days he’s teaching at Copenhagen Business School. Whether it’s within the humanities or science department is unclear − just like Lomborg’s distinction between the subjects really.