Man breaks into Aarhus police station

May have threatened cops with a sawed-off shotgun

A 26-year-old man has been arrested for breaking into police headquarters in the eastern Jutland city of Aarhus yesterday.

Police said the man forced open a back door, rummaged through a police vehicle, found and put on a bullet-proof and ransacked an office. Reports said the man was brandishing either a sawed-off shotgun or a dummy rifle. He used the gun to threaten officers before he was subdued in the station kitchen using a combination of pepper spray and what police called “manual persuasion”.

“We arrested a 26-year-old man from Viby at 8pm this evening for entering police headquarters, vandalism and threatening police officers,” said East Jutland Police spokesperson Mogens Brøndum.

Brøndum would not comment on the weapon, saying only that the man had been taken into custody.

Witnesses told Ekstra Bladet tabloid that the man seemed to be mentally disturbed and said that he wanted to die.

All available personnel were summoned to police headquarters following the incident and police used dogs to search the station for explosives. Police would not speculate on a possible motive.