Woman wrestles pistol from assailant

Police are looking for witnesses after a man threatened a woman with a pistol in Amager last night

A 20-year-old woman escaped after being threatened with a gun on her way home from work at the shopping centre Fields in Amager yesterday evening.

The woman was cycling through the nature area Amager Fælled when a man cycled up behind her and threatened her with a pistol.

She was forced to get off her bike, turn her back to the assailant and drop to her knees when the man attempted to handcuff her.

According to the woman, she began to scream and fight back and managed to wrestle the gun from the man's hands.

The woman threw the gun into the dark and ran back toward Fields where she encountered a man that helped her call the police.

“We consider the case as very serious,” deputy police commissioner Tommy Keil from Copenhagen Police wrote in a press release. “We are asking the public for help. We want witness that might have seen or heard anything to come forward.”

The assailant is described as a male between the age of 30 and 50, about 175 centimetres tall, with stubble. He spoke Danish without an accent. He wore dark jeans and a black jacket with a hood that was pulled over his head.

The victim is a woman aged 20, 173 centimetres tall, with blond hair tied in a bun. At the time of the assault she wore a long brown jacket, black tights, purple sneakers and rode a white lady’s bicycle.

Witnesses can contact Copenhagen Police on 33 13 13 48.