Green growth conference a chance to show off CSR know-how

Senior CSR adviser believes responsible business can become a niche industry for Denmark

For the second year in a row, the world is gathering in Copenhagen for the green growth conference, the 3GF (Global Green Growth Forum) event. And once again, according to an expert, it a great opportunity for Denmark to show off its know-how in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

From 8-9 October, leading figures will gather to discuss new ways of strengthening and accelerating responsible green growth, and also of stimulating large-scale public-private action, and encouraging a bottom-up approach to collaborations between businesses, experts and public institutions.

The conference is an initiative of the Danish, Mexican and South Korean governments, at which the governmental body Danish Responsibility and will highlight how private and public partnerships can be successful with a focus on a better world with better products.

Originally launched by the Ministry of Business and Growth in co-operation with the Foreign Ministry’s Trade Council, Danish Responsibility’s main mission is to present an overview of Danish efforts within the field of social and environmental responsibility.

“It is important for Danish Responsibility that social and environmental responsibility is not perceived as empty talk,” warns Carl Christian Hasselbalch, a senior CSR adviser at the Trade Council.

“The main task is to show the world how we can combine economic growth with responsible behaviour.”

Hasselbalch is optimistic Denmark can export its solutions.

“In Denmark we have used this approach with success in areas such water technology, wind energy and welfare technology,” he continued.

“The Danish solutions can be adopted and exported globally. In broader terms we want to show the world that Denmark produce responsible and competitive solutions. Danish Responsibility should be seen as a stamp of quality. Our aim is to offer a mindset for developing better products and solutions.”