Who is … Charlotte Kejser?

October 21st, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

She is a 48-year-old reality TV mum, who can currently be seen in the third season of ‘Amalies verden’, which premiered this week on TV3.


What is ‘Amalies verden’?

It’s a reality show that follows the life of permanently confused and arguably partially brain-dead Amalie Szigethy, who is known best for her naked antics on ‘Paradise Hotel’, a profound misunderstanding of the Danish language (her mother tongue), and accusing her boyfriend of physical abuse (which she later admitted was a lie).


So what does her mother do?
Some reality-show producer genius must have realised that the crazy gene is inherited. Kejser is as fame-hungry, embarrassing and (almost) as intellectually challenged as her daughter.

So she’s a bit overbearing?

Yes, to say the least. Among other things, she invites herself along to her daughter’s red carpet events and after-parties, accompanies her to all business meetings, and has pretty much admitted to stalking her own daughter during her younger years.


So what does Kejser do when she’s not playing psycho-mum on the TV screen?
She’s knocked out a manuscript for a book about … (wait for it) Amalie. The title of this masterpiece is … (wait for it) ‘Amalie’s Book’.


I wonder what the book is about …
It’s safe to say it’s probably about Amalie. Se og Hør gossip magazine initially showed interest in publishing the book, but ultimately rejected it because it didn’t live up to its journalistic standards.


Not to worry though, she’s still determined to publish the book on her own. We wish her the best of luck, and considering that S&M fetish porn has been topping the New York Times bestseller list for 30 weeks in a row, we think a book about Denmark’s reality ditz is bound to do great.  


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