Power shortage causes windmill delays

Low electricity supplies halts construction of new windmill farms in the North Sea

A new windmill farm under construction in the North Sea is being halted due to energy constraints.

Energy giant Dong Energy, which is behind the project, blamed its power supplier, TenneT, whose electricity cables are said to have not been able to supply the project with enough juice.

Speaking to German magazine Der Spiegel, the CEO of Dong in Germany, Christoph Mertens, admitted that energy concerns have placed the company's further plans for construction on standby.

The windmill farm project, which is called 'Bokrum Riffgrund 2', is expected to deliver clean electricity to just under 300,000 households. But with further delays expected, this isn’t expected to happen for a while.

Dong Energy also said that they have yet to receive an explanation from TenneT as to why the cables supplied to Dong have failed a sufficient amount of energy.

These latest setbacks also caused concern for another Danish giant, Lego, whose parent company Kirkbi plans to invest three billion kroner into the project during the next five years.