Don’t forget – lights out for LEDs tomorrow

When the clock strikes midnight, it’s open season on cyclists using dangling bike lights

Those of you still riding with those dangling LED lights, today is your last chance to swap them out with something a little more permanent. 

Starting at midnight, new rules for bike lights come into effect and failure to comply will set you back 700 kroner.

According to Traffikstyrelsen, the national traffic authority, the coin-sized lights with attached rubberised cord are often hung dangling from bike frames or the rider's clothing. Doing so, they say reduces their visibility.

Bike lights must now be mounted on bikes so they shine straight ahead and straight to the rear. Lights must be visible from a distance of 300 metres and from the side.

Under the new rules, retailers may not sell lights if they cannot shine brightly for a minimum of five hours from the time of purchase. Packaging must now also state expected battery life.

The new rules follow the introduction earlier this year of other new bike regulations and increased the fines for certain offences.