A rock opera by the power metal masters

November 23rd, 2012

This article is more than 11 years old.

***** (5 stars out of 6); November 21 at Lille Vega

On Wednesday night, Kamelot obliterated the stage of Lille Vega, clearly marking their position as the power metal band par excellence. The theatrics, music, and acoustics were prime and the newly-appointed vocalist proved to diehard fans both old and young that he is more than qualified to be the band’s new torchbearer. 


Topping a programme of four metal bands, Kamelot employed the major chord progressions, super-sonically fast drumming, fantasy-based themes, and expressive emotional lyrics that define power metal. Following impressive sets by Canadian melodic death metal quintet Blackguard, the Norwegian progressive metallers Triosphere and the German symphonic metal group Xandria, Kamelot owned the night. 


The band opened with ‘Rule the World’, a fist pumping dynamic number that conjured up impressive moshpit action. Eager to spread his wings, the new vocalist Tommy Karevik proved his vocal excellence on the haunting ballad ‘Seasons End’. The ballad was followed by a mind-blowing display of skill in the form of Oliver Palotai's classical-inspired piano solo.


A very democratic band, Kamelot allows all members to be seen and heard equally. The bass usually takes a backseat in most power metal bands, but not in Kamelot. Bassist Sean Tibbets got a chance to shine with a groovy pluck-filled solo. Thomas Youngblood, the co-founder of the now 20 years active band, played numerous howling solos throughout the set. Other highlights included the new single ‘Sacrimony’ which featured the enchanting vocals of Elize Ryd.


Visually, the audience was treated to copious amounts of strobe lights, blue and red colours, and the larger-than-life presence of the new frontman, who eagerly used the podium to watch over his new fans. Kamelot played a rock opera, an hour and 20 minutes of inspiring power metal which invoked a sense of pride in oneself and induced a sunny optimism. The set finale was ‘March of Mephisto’, a natural crowd pleaser that made the energy peak in the room.  The crowd, however, had to go home with no encore from the American masterminds of power metal.  


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