Winter is coming

November 27th, 2012

This article is more than 12 years old.

Book your flight tickets for the Mediterranean, because winter is set to have the nation firmly in its grip by weekend

The Christmas decorations are set to come out this weekend as the nation prepares for the festive season on the first of December. And what better way to mark that than with the arrival of Denmark’s first snow, which is set to sweep its way into the country in a couple of days.

According to national weather service DMI, the temperature is set to drop by 10 degrees by Wednesday night before flurries develop on Friday. Friday’s snowfall is only expected to amount to 2 millimetres, whereas Saturday could see an additional 6 centimeters dropped on the region.

Sunday is expected to see less of the white stuff but more of the cold, as temperatures could reach a low of almost -10 degrees. So wrap up warm and unless you are into winter sports cancel any outdoor plans for the weekend, because it’s about to get very cold in Copenhagen.


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