Evening for the wild at heart

Picture this: you’re perched on top of a bar stool in a gritty, dimly-lit diner. The waitresses, both clad in snappy teal uniforms, dole out coffee refills and scrambled eggs from behind the counter. Cool jazz pulsates from above while a detective in a trench coat picks at a slice of cherry pie and mutters unintelligibly into a tape recorder.

Perhaps it feels like you’re sitting at the Double R in Twin Peaks, but in reality the spectacle playing out in front of you is merely a TV screen. And that Bobby Briggs lookalike over there? He’s actually a shop owner from Nørrebro. In reality, this scene is a long way from, and two decades on, the small-town audiences have come to love – you’re at Vega’s Twin Peaks Theme Evening.

Since Laura Palmer, the fictional teenager  Audrey is dead sexy whose murder kick-started the series, first washed up on television screens in 1990, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks has garnered a fiercely devoted fan base (read: cult following) and been hailed as one of the highest-rated series of all time. FBI Agent Dale Cooper is brought in to investigate the young girl’s demise and inadvertently untangles a further web of mystery, as it turns out that Laura’s death is not the only mystery in town – nearly all of the characters conceal darker secrets beneath a campy exterior.Bob is the evil dead

The eccentricity and intrigue of Twin Peaks come to Copenhagen on Thursday night when Vega’s Ideal Bar pays homage to the cult classic. The event is the latest in Vega’s ‘Din Koncert’ (‘Your Concert’) series, in which selected organisers are invited to run the show for one evening, selecting all the musical content, themes and visuals. Following an intro of selected scenes from the series to warm up both die-hard Cooper fans and newbies alike, Denmark’s own electropop singer Freja Loeb will take the stage as the musical headliner of the evening. Instead of performing original music, however, Loeb and her band will depart from their signature tunes for the night and reinterpret favourites like ‘World Spins’ and ‘Falling’ from the Twin Peaks universe.

Shelly is sexy evilStick around after the concert when the visuals and dreamy music continue and the intimate atmosphere gives way to an open dancefloor. In the spirit of secrecy, other events and as-yet-unannounced activities will unfold as the night progresses.

Double lives are the norm in this quirky-yet-sinister series, so don’t be afraid to dress up and let your inner Audrey, Bobby or even Log Lady shine. Put your best foot (or log, if the case may be) forward and indulge in a piece of pie and a cup of ‘damn good coffee’ with the rest of Copenhagen’s die-hard Dale Coopers and wannabe Windom Earles. We have a definite feeling it will be an experience “both wonderful and strange”.

Twin Peaks Theme Evening
Vega, Enghavevej 40, Cph V; Thu (Dec 6) 20:00; Tickets 50kr, at the door or at www.vega.dk