Today’s headlines – Friday, Dec 7

National archive users to keep an eye on each other
Historians are criticising a new security measure that Rigsarkivet, national public records archive, has implemented following revelations earlier this year of the organised theft theft of World War II documents over a ten-year period. The historians argue that the new security demands, which require scholars and other visitors to sit next to each other in the reading hall to reduce the possibility of theft, casts suspicion on them. At the same time, many historians have had to halt their research as parts of the archive are closed. – Berlingske

Doctors erroneously invoice for 50 million kroner
A pregnancy test of a man and a patient that was treated more than once in a day are just two examples of over 260,000 invoices submitted last year that were rejected by state authorities. The mistakes cost the state a reported 50 million kroner a year. The nation's 3,578 general practitioners invoice the state for 7.5 billion kroner a year, while 85 percent of all Danes see a doctor at least once a year. – Jyllands-Posten

E-medicine card delayed again
The  new electronic medicine card, which was supposed to save hundreds of lives every year by preventing people from receiving the wrong prescription, has been delayed once again, this time until 2013. Known as the Fælles Medicinkort, the project was launched five years ago with a budget of 200 million kroner and was originally due to be rolled out in 2011. All hospitals in the Zealand, Central Jutland and Northern Jutland regions will use the Fælles Medicinkort, but due to technical issues, no hospitals in the Greater Copenhagen Region and only 20 percent in the Southern Denmark Region will use the card. – Politiken

Docile Lions crash out of Europe
All the Danish clubs are out of European contention following a poor performance by FC Copenhagen in the Europa League in a frigid Parken on Thursday night ended in a 1-1 draw with Steaua Bucharest. See full story

Cloudy with a little snow. Highs around – 1 C, temperatures falling to – 8 C overnight. Light to moderate winds. – DMI