Monday’s forecast – a tough commute

Roads could be slick tomorrow morning – leave home early, dress warm and carry a shovel if you’re driving

After a Sunday that saw slow going on the region’s roads and about 20 cancellations at Copenhagen Airport after one of the runways was closed, Monday could turn out to be equally sloppy as commuters head back to work on roads meteorologists warn could be slick or still clogged with churned up snow.

A total of 20cm of snow was predicted to fall on Greater Copenhagen today. No official numbers are available yet, but flurries are expected to continue though tomorrow. Accumulations are expected to be minimal.

Road crews, battling all day to keep streets and pavements free, are expected to make headway tonight, but gusty winds and freezing temperatures could complicate their work. 

Temperatures during the day on Sunday were around the freezing point, allowing much of what fell to turn into a slushy mess on roads ploughs had been unable to reach. Roadside assistance providers said they were already planning for another busy day tomorrow.

“We expect a hectic Monday morning when people start heading back to work,” Ellen Trolle, a spokesperson for Dansk Autohjælp, one of the country’s largest roadsice assistance providers, told media.

Some 2,000 motorists required assistance on Sunday, many of them cars without winter tyres that had slid off the road, but assistance crews said the number would have been much higher had today been a weekday.

While the snow had many buses operating irregularly, rail service DSB reported that 95 percent of its trains arrived on time on Sunday. No disruptions are expected tomorrow, but commuters should be aware that Monday is the first weekday trains will be operating according to a new timetable.

Regardless of how you get to work tomorrow, commuters are recommended to leave early and dress warm. If you are driving to make sure you take a shovel along, just in case.