Today’s headlines – Wednesday, Dec 12

Søvndal: Rocket launch a provocation
Foreign minister Villy Søvndal (SF) was one of the first world leaders to condemn a North Korean rocket launch last night. Calling the launch a provocation and “clear breech” of UN rules, Søvndal  recommended that North Korea spend its money on something other than military goals. He called particular attention to the country's poor living conditions. According to several UN resolutions, North Korea is forbidden to develop and possess long-range missile technology. Søvndal will be in China later today where he will discuss the dilemma with a number of Chinese delegates. – Jyllands-Posten

Police used Google Translate in terror investigation
Copenhagen police used an incorrect Google Translate translation during the interrogation of a Kurdish man in connection with the case involving the illegal collection of funds for the terror-listed organisation, PKK. The man is one of eight men arrested in currently accused of terrorism in the investigation. The man’s lawyer has demanded that all Google translated documents be dismissed. Police admitted their error and said that it will not happen again. See full story. – Politiken

Danish woman brutally attacked in France
A young Danish student and her Norwegian flatmate were subjected to a brutal attack in their apartment in Montpellier, France, on Monday night. A masked man gained entry to their apartment by posing to be their neighbour before threatening the two girls with a gun and tying them up with some clothes he had brought with him. The man then raped one of the girls before leaving two hours later with jewellery, computers and credit cards. It is not known which of the two girls was raped, but French police described the attack as “very brutal”. – Ekstrabladet

English stems from Danish
The English language stems from Danish and not from Anglo-Saxon as previously believed, according to a controversial new study by a Norwegian language professor at the University of Oslo. Jan Terje Faarlund maintained that there were many more structural, grammatical and word similarities between English and the North-Germanic languages such as Danish and Norwegian when compared with West-Germanic language structures that English is believed to have developed from in the year 400 AD. Instead, Faarlund said that English stems from the Viking invasion of the British Isles between 800 and 900 AD. – Berlingske

Sunny with the chance of flurries. Highs around -4 C. Overnight lows falling to -12 C. Light winds.