New app makes photo sharing quick as a Wink

Copenhagen-based company’s app lets users share photos quickly, easily and selectively

We’ve all heard the responses when a particularly memorable photo is captured: the embarrassed plea from a friend not to post the shot online, and the requests for a copy from everyone else. Danish tech company Evertale wants to make both of these scenarios easier.  

Evertale recently created Wink, a new app to help users instantly share photos with those closest to them, both figuratively and literally.

Wink collects a set of advanced location points – instead of using GPS – as the user moves around. The app then determines which of the user’s friends are nearby and immediately shares photos they take with friends who are there at the moment, creating a ‘real-time’ feed of your experience.

“Imagine you are at a party and you snap a great group shot of your friends,” explained Francesco Patarnello, the head of Evertale. “Right away, every friend who is there gets your photo on their phone. You can picture the scenario of the whole group taking their phones from their pockets and smiling at your image on their own screens.”

Social networks allow us to share thousands of photos at the tap of a touch screen. But even as our contact lists grow exponentially, Wink co-creator Luca Ferrari theorises that people are actually sharing less and less.

“The more connections we have on our social networks, the more picky we get with what we share,” Ferrari said.

Wink, according to its creators, makes it easier to share more photos quickly – and only with the right people.

“Your photos will automatically and instantaneously get seen by exactly the audience they deserve, making uploading, downloading and tagging time-wasters of the past,” Patarnello said.

Evertale is made up of British and Italian expats, several of whom were exchange students at the Technical University of Denmark and the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology. Among their investors is Mangrove Capital Partners, which also backed Skype. Evertale plans to set up a second office in San Francisco next year.

Wink’s creators hope that the app will become as indispensable as some of its popular predecessors.

“Inventions are genuinely revolutionary when you look back at your life before they became a part of it,” co-founder Matteo Daneli said. “You wonder: how did I live without them?”

Wink is now available in app stores.