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For the true car lover, there is nothing more exciting than sitting behind the wheel of a sports car. The streets are full of chunky SUVs and plain sedans, but wait until you see how many heads turn to see your flashy red two-door bullet of a car and you will never settle for anything else.

Toyota GT86
Toyota’s new sports car, the GT86, is trying to energise a brand that over the past decade has been defined by the car everybody loves to hate, the Prius – ultimately a standard of comparison for any car that lacks personality. And while it might be true that most of Toyota’s cars aren’t exactly a sight for sore eyes, the brand is still, first and foremost, assuredly a guarantee of quality. You might remember the Celica, its 2+2 seater coupé withdrawn from the market a few years back. Or the legendary drift king EF86, which is surely every videogame player’s first choice for virtual drift competitions. And probably most hard to forget was the 1960s beauty, the GT2000: a true rarity that is nowadays a collector’s item. The new GT86 (2.0 D-4S Boxer 200 HP) pays homage to all of these, bringing the ‘wow!’ factor back to Toyota with aplomb. And trust me – not only did their car spark such exclamations out of my mouth while I took a spin at the wheel, but I could almost hear them from all the other motorists I passed above the roaring music of the high-revving engine.
Toyota Denmark, Dynamovej 10, Herlev; 539,997kr

Peugeot RCZ 
This pleasant surprise from France is a superb piece of design to such an extent that it almost made me want to drive next to it as opposed to actually driving it. But don’t get me wrong, there’s more to this car than looks. While it might not be a true sports cars in terms of performance, if you need a car for daily use that is full of personality and can get you anywhere fast and in style, this is the car to do it, stress-free. 
Peugeot Denmark, KW Bruun Import, Hovedvejen 1, Glostrup; 550,000kr

Volkswagen Scirocco 
The Scirocco (1.4 TSI 160 HP) might be more attractive than the VW Golf lying underneath its flashy exterior, but the differences at the wheel are sure hard to find. It just goes to show that a sporty look does not a sports cars make. Saying that, the position at the wheel has been significantly lowered and its cornering abilities outclass the Golf. And it is probably the best compromise between a hot-hatch and compact car that money can buy. Indeed, given that this is its last production cycle, you can rest assured most of its initial bugs and problems have been fixed as well, so you are in for a great buy!
VW Cars, Park Allé 355, Brøndby; 376,393kr