Today’s front pages – Monday, Jan 14

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish dailies are reporting on their front pages

British agent warned to stay away from Morten Storm
British agent Toby Cowern was warned by British intelligence agencies to stay away from Morten Storm and the Danish intelligence agency PET, in the case of tracking Al Qaida leader, Anwar al-Awlaki. Storm was warned twice in 2010 that British intelligence agencies, MI5 and MI6 didn’t want any part of the plot to locate al-Awlaki. On one occasion, Cowern said that he delivered the news to Storm, saying he was warned to stay away from Storm and PET by another British agent, likely because the aim of the plan was to assassinate al-Awlaki. Cowern cut ties with Storm and PET after meeting with the MI5 man in 2010 and nine months later, al-Awlaki was killed in an American-lead drone attack in Yemen. Lars Erslev Andersen, a terror expert from Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier, contends that PET owes the Danish government and public an explanation on why they joined a mission to kill al-Awlaki when the British pulled out. The Storm scandal has resulted in new rules being proposed to give the government increased controls over PET. – Jyllands-Posten

Minister confident that DSB will investigate journalist scandal
The transport minister, Henrik Dam Kristensen (Socialdemokraterne) is confident that state-owned rail operators DSB would fully investigate claims whether the company used underhanded tactics to quiet a journalist. DSB has been accused of paying PR and lobbyist bureau Waterfront Communications to keep journalist Lars Abild so busy that he would not have time to write critical articles about DSB. DSB boss Jesper Lok has started an investigation into the issue. – DR News

Not worth taking on the tax man
Leading tax experts have recommended that small and large companies alike not to challenge the decisions of the tax authorities, even if they are likely to win. Under current laws, if a company wins a case against the tax authorities in court, expenses incurred during the proceedings are not reimbursed. Torben Bagge, a partner in the law firm Tommy V. Christiansen, called the dilemma “a disgrace to the rule of law”. Laws regarding corporate expenses were changed in 2009. Individual taxpayers are still compensated if the courts rule in their favour against the tax authority. – Politiken

Handball men start well in Spain
Denmark’s men’s handball team got off to a solid start at the World Cup in Spain over the weekend after dispatching Qatar on Saturday and Russia on Sunday. After smashing Qatar 41-27 on Friday, Mikkel Hansen and the boys faced a tougher challenge last night in Seville, taking on a rejuvenated Russian team. But despite blowing an early four-goal lead, the Danes surged ahead once more in the second half to win, 31-27. Nikolaj Markussen had six goals. Denmark is tied at four points with Macedonia atop Group B. – Ekstra Bladet

Cloudy with the chance of flurries. Daytime highs around – 1 C. Nighttime lows around – 7 C. – DMI