Today’s front pages – Wednesday, Jan 16

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish dailies are reporting on their front pages


Robots tested in hospital
A hospital in southern Jutland, Sygehus Sønderjylland, has been testing the use of a robot since the beginning of December as a way to save money. The TUG robot, which gets around on wheels, moves about hospital personnel and patents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The TUG transports blood samples and equipment back and forth between the emergency rooms and the central hospital labs. The hospital board of directors are convinced that transport robots are here to stay and the hospital has plans to purchase more of them. The emergency hospital in Aabenraa, one of the four branches of Sygehus Sønderjylland, is currently being modernised and expanded, and robots on wheels are expected to play a major role when the project is finished in 2014. The hospital is the first in Europe to use the TUG robot. – Ingeniøren

Jobs package has helped few
Despite being launched in November as a way to help people find work, the government’s 330 million kroner akutjobpakke jobs package has apparently had little effect so far. The plan included a fixed job consultant for every unemployed person, a meeting with every individual and a job sharing scheme. But only one third of the unemployed involved in the programme have actually met a job consultant and many are dissatisfied with the help they received. – Jyllands-Posten

Police museum exhibit victims without permission
The Police Museum in Copenhagen is currently exhibiting the painted portraits of 12 women killed during some of the more notorious murder cases of recent years. Many of the families of the victims are angry that they were not contacted in in connection with the ‘Kvindedrab. In memoriam’ (‘Murdered women. A memorial’) exhibit. The museum said it purposely decided against getting approval from the families because it did not want the families to influence the make up of the exhibit. – Berlingske

Denmark devours Chile
The Danish men’s handball are marching with confidence in the direction of the knockout stages of the world cup after winning their third straight group match. Chile were considered the whipping boys of the group before the tournament started and lived up to that label after Denmark spanked them soundly 43-24 in Seville, Spain. Little winger, Anders Eggert, was Denmark’s top scorer with nine goals and Denmark are now sole leaders of Group B with six points, two points ahead of Russia, Iceland and Macedonia. The Danes face Iceland tonight and Macedonia in their last group game on Friday. – Ekstra Bladet

Cloudy with the chance of flurries. Daytime highs around -2 C. Temperatures falling to -15 C overnight. – DMI