Major burns party

January 18th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

From disco to ice skating to drunken poetry, these events are sure warm up those frigid temperatures, be it through alcohol or exercise.

Burnin’ Up
Confusing a Scotsman and an Irishman will usually get you into a spot of bother, but not at the Dubliner pub on Burns Night, a Scottish celebration of poet Robert Burns. Combine whisky and drunken poetry reading for a knees-up worthy of scaring the winter gloom away − last year had everyone dancing on tables, so what are you waiting for?
The Dubliner, Amagertorv 5, Cph K; evening of Thu Jan 24; www.thedubliner.dk

Thousand Threads, Loom Two
The second loom follows the thread of the first, once again presenting four short contemporary performances of no more than 25 minutes each. Selected by Dansehallerne’s artistic director Bush Hartshorn, the performances − Alma Söderberg’s Cosas (2010), My Grönholdt’s I? (2011), Jan Martens’s A small guide on how to treat tour lifetime companion (2011) and Carles Casallachs’s Por Sal y samba (2011), which deals with sadomasochistic pain and pleasure − have been chosen to inspire and challenge audiences – from this company, we wouldn’t expect anything but.
Lille Carl,  Pasteursvej 20, Cph V; Fri & Sat 20:00; tickets 130kr, children 60kr

Disco On Ice
Disco is back, and it’s going big. The rink at Toftegårds Plads is hosting ‘Disco On Ice’ on Fridays in January after an overwhelming turnout in December. Bundle up and get ready to skate under the lights to tunes that will take you back to your youth. Don’t forget to wear some sparkles!
Toftegårds Plads Rink, Valby; Fri, 16:00-22:00

Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Tællelyset’
It’s the talk of the town, and now you can join in on the excitement. The talented storyteller’s story ‘Tællelyset’, believed to be his first ever fairytale, was recently discovered in a shuffle of papers at the National Archives. It is now on display until the spring.
Danish National Archives, Rigsdagsgaarden 9, Cph K; until March, 9:00-16:00; 3392 3310, www.sa.dk

Free Ice Skating Lessons
Get free skating instruction from a real ice princess: Anna Tea Thorndal Thomsen from TV2’s ‘Hot On Ice’. All youngsters, from little kids with no experience to those who have been skating since they can remember, can benefit from this fantastical lesson.
Toftegårds Plads Rink, Valby; Sat, 12:00-16:00; free adm


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