TV listings | Set your video for Louie

The bottom line is that you’re not interesting enough − even as the inspiration for a fictional character. All people want these days is reality TV featuring celebs or, even better, dramedies starring celebs as themselves that show they’re just like you and me. Only they’re not, they’re celebs.

Louie, in the same vein as the brilliant Curb your Enthusiasm and less good CYE rip-offs, follows the exploits of a New York-based stand-up comedian with Catholic, sexual and divorce hang-ups. The cameos include Matthew Broderick, David Lynch, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams, but Ricky Gervais is not among them – he has a regular role as Louie’s doctor. And it’s supposed to be really good, so set your video to record season one (70 on Metacritic) and two (90 – season three scored 94). And while you’re at it, start recording at 07:45 and you’ll nab the 2011 episode of Saturday Night Live presented by Boardwalk Empire’s Steve Buscemi.

Two more Louis cameos, Sarah Silverman and Paul Rudd, were among the comedians appearing in the Secret Policeman’s Ball 2012, a Amnesty International benefit gig that started in the 1980s and was last year held in the US for the first time ever. The line-up includes Jon Stewart, Russell Brand, Eddie Izzard, Ben Stiller and Jimmy Carr.

 Bored to Death ? season 3 (SV1, Mon 21:55)Elsewhere, don’t miss the third season of Bored to Death, fourth season of Masterchef USA (TV3, Fri 19:00) and fifth season of Merlin (SV2, Sat 18:15); India’s Trafficked Girls (BBC World, Sun) investigates the rise in the country’s abortion rate of female foetuses; A tale of two cities (DRK, Thu 20:00) reveals how modern London rose even stronger from the ashes of the Great Fire; you might imagine Hollywood Chinese (DRK, Sat 22:00) will be a sarcastic look at how US films portray the Chinese, but it isn’t and instead is an earnest history that is captivating and informative; and Scottsboro: An American Tragedy (DRK, Tue 17:00) a disturbing case in 1931 in which two white women vengefully and falsely accused nine black teenagers of raping them − five of whom remained in prison until the mid-1940s.

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