Today’s front pages – Friday, Jan 18

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Wind turbine placements lead to council battles
A number of local councils have placed, or are planning to place, new wind turbines on their borders, much to consternation of neighbouring councils. The latest case involves the Copenhagen City Council's plans to put up four turbines near the water by Kalvebod Syd. Neighbouring Hvidovre opposes construction of 148 metre tall wind turbines, or four times the height of the Round Tower, and have mobilised 177 citizen groups to protest against them. – Jyllands-Posten
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More newborns have dads over 40
The number of newborn Danish babies with fathers over 40 has doubled in just one generation, according to figures accumulated by Danmarks Statistik. In 2011, about 7,300 children, some 13 percent of all newborns, had fathers over 40. In 1986, that number stood at just 3,600 children, about seven percent. Men over 50 fathered 510 children born in 2011, while 59 newborns had fathers that were over 60. – Berlingske

More young people ending up on social security
Nearly 5,000 more young people have ended up needing social security since the current government gained power, according to new figures from the employment authority, Arbejdsmarkedsstyrelsen. As of November 2012, more than 53,000 people under 30 were receiving public support. That adds up to 5,000 more young people on the dole since October 2011 when the Socialdemokraterne-led government ascended to power. The employment minister, Mette Frederiksen, said she was “disappointed” with the development and indicated that the government would be looking at reforming social security in the near future. – Politiken

DONG halts electric car investment
The new management of national oil and gas producers DONG has decided to drop the company's financial support of electric car operators Better Place. Henrik Poulsen, who became managing director of DONG in August 2012, said that so far DONG's 200 million kroner investment had been inconsequential and would not be continued. DONG retains its 17 percent ownership in Better Place, which is struggling with stagnant electric car sales in Denmark. – Børsen

Cloudy with the chance of flurries. Highs around – 1 C. Overnight lows – 6 C. – DMI