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If this month in any way resembles previous Januarys, it means you are looking at some sort of impossible diet, a no alcohol regime and a need to make changes in your life – if only because everyone else seems to be doing exactly that. So if you want a break from all this, here are some suggestions for good spas, so at least for a little while, you can get away from all that.

Ystad Saltsjöbad
This Swedish hotel spa is perfect for a day away from Copenhagen or, if you really fancy, a weekend getaway. They offer superior rooms for only 599 kroner that include brunch and access to their spa. The spa area includes a pool, jacuzzi, steam room and dry sauna, cold bath and a relaxation area. So enjoy a Swedish getaway at Swedish prices.

Saltsjöbadsvägen 15, Ystad T, Sweden; open for day spa guests: Mon-Thu 09:30-18:00, Fri 09:30-16:00, for hotel guests: Mon-Sun 09:00-19:00; 46 411-136 30;

Skodsborg Kurhotel og Spa
A train journey of 18 minutes takes you to Skodsborg where they offer “a journey to rejoice, cleanse the body, burn calories and boost the immune system”’. Though it sounds far too healthy and spiritual – it is

quite nice while you are at it. So take the journey to Skodsborg and pay 395kr to feel better!

Spa & Fitness Center, Skodsborg Strandvej 139,  Skodsborg; see different treatment listings for opening hours; 4558 5800;


Well-come Spa
It is a bit pricy at 399 kroner for non-members, but then you often have the spa more or less to yourself and you get to work out as well. The sauna-gus is their best product by far. They also have a ’relax’ pool which is indeed very relaxing, a cold water pool that you only venture near after an hour in their sauna-gus or steam bath. As snacks they offer free fruit and organic tea, and there’s sparkling water for when you fairly quickly reach the point of dehydration.
Tuborg Havnevej 4-6, 1. Sal, Hellerup; open Mon-Thu 08:00-20:30, Fri 08:00-19:30, Sat-Sun 09:00-18:00; 3930 3094;

Frederiksberg Svømmehal
They have a saltwater pool, massage chairs, aeromatic steam baths and a sauna, as well as sauna gus, a spa bath and some of those lamps you look into to make you less winter-depressed.

Frederiksberg Svømmehal, Helgesvej 29, Frederiksberg; open Mon-Fri 11:00-20:30, Sat-Sun 09:00-15:30; 3814 0400;; entry 150kr, 1,500kr for 12 vouchers, rent out the venue after-hours for 3,200kr