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January 25th, 2013

This article is more than 11 years old.

Imagine the worst possible person to be stopped in the street by: a Jehovah’s Witness, a scientologist, or a market researcher who turns out to have a terrible stammer … and then treble it. 

Because that’s right, the trollops of barely discernible taste are pounding the streets of Denmark in search of clueless Claras and hopeless Hannes to take them down a peg or two, give them something new to hang on them, and make them look less fat, past it and like they only sleep with cats. Trinny and Susannah’s Makeover Mission: Denmark (K4, Sat 19:00 or Sun 20:00, Thu 20:00) is a tale of woe of how four women in this country will never allow themselves to be stopped in the street again.

There’s no doubt the gruesome twosome would have told Lena Dunham she was going nowhere with the way she looked, but it hasn’t stopped the star, creator and writer of Girls, HBO’s latest hit show, becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest properties in the space of a year. Is Dunham Tinseltown’s answer to Susan Boyle? Probably. Does she write too many sex scenes with good looking young men for her flat-chested, wobbly-hipped character? Undoubtedly. Is it worth watching? Most certainly.   

The premiere of Girls is the highlight of the first ever week of DR3, a new free-to-air channel from DR. Of course, had TV2 Zulu won the rights, it would have shown the whole thing in a week: “Splodge, have it viewers! You were only going to download it, save it for a hangover and watch it in one sitting!” The fourth season of True Blood (Sun 09:50) will do nicely.  

Elsewhere, feature length TV drama Stuart: A Life Backwards, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy, is an unexpected treat; there’s another chance to see acclaimed serial killer series The Bletchley Circle (DR1, Sun 21:45) – this time on free-to-air; don’t miss the two weeks old Golden Globes; Addicted to Tattoos (DR3, Mon 21:30) pretty much speaks for itself; and 2011 miniseries Ice (TV3+, Sun 21:30) is a futuristic yawn set in Greenland – the title sounds like wishful thinking.

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