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Jeremy Piven’s brief appearance in Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla suggested he might be a bit of an Anglophile, so it’s no surprise that the actor (Ari Gold in Entourage) has swapped LA for London for a new series about the establishment of one of the world’s most famous department stores in 1909. 

However, while Mr Selfridge, currently on UK and US TV, has scored highly with viewers (7.9 on IMDB), critics have been less impressed. Despite having Andrew Davies, Britain’s best period drama writer on board, they question how much drama can be derived about a store we all know was a huge success.

Like Leonardo da Vinci. Then again, was he really better than Tony Hart? Now he was clever: the way he could draw a line here, another there, do a bit of shading, and suddenly you had a kingfisher snaring a fish. That’s genius. Da Vinci, on the other hand, would take ages, years sometimes – no wonder only 15 paintings of his exist today. Or make that 16 as the 2011 BBC doc Da Vinci – the Lost Treasure tries to establish whether a ‘lost’ portrait, who looks uncannily like both Da Vinci and Christ, is genuine. 

If you didn’t notice I was fibbing, you’ll probably like The Only Way is Essex (K7, Fri 22:00), but be well narked this is the final episode – sorry, but I hadn’t noticed that SBS had felt the need to give us yet another channel full of gutter tripe from celeb-obsessed Britain. 

Elsewhere, Arrow is a 2012 DC Comics superhero series that has scored with critics (73 on Metacritic) even though the Robin Hood vigilante storyline does sound silly; the BBC’s Story of India (DRK, Wed 23:15) is a tour-de-force; we’ve got season four of Benidorm (SV4, Sat 20:00), season two of Suits (SVT1, Sat 22:35) and season six of Big Love (SVT2, Fri 22:15); find out why Sean Lock is rated one of the funniest stand-ups in Lockipedia (BBC Ent, Thu 22:00); spend the whole of Sunday, if you must, watching the entire series of Project Runway All Stars (TV3 Puls, Sun 08:50), which reunites memorable contestants from previous series; Hillary – America’s Diplomat (BBC World, Sun 22:30) assesses the achievements and prospects of the outgoing secretary of state, who could very well make Bill the First Gentleman.

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