Today’s front pages – Monday, Feb 4

The Copenhagen Post’s daily digest of what the Danish dailies are reporting on their front pages

Vestjysk Bank could spark another bank crisis

Banking customers could be in for another beating if beleaguered Vestjysk Bank collapses, according to a number of banking experts. Should the bank go bankrupt, it would become more expensive for Danish banks to obtain capital from international markets and would put significant pressure on the national financial sector, possibly enhancing the current crisis. Speculations of bankruptcy in Vestjysk Bank gathered momentum on Friday, when the bank downgraded their 2012 expectation by 375 million kroner. – Børsen

Pension funds looking to invest in infrastructure

Five of Denmark’s biggest pension funds are looking into investing in large infrastructure projects, Berlingske newspaper reported. Spurred by political procrastination, the pension funds ATP, PFA, PensionDanmark, PKA and Sampension, which together hold 1.7 trillion kroner of Danish pension funds, want to invest in projects that have a public-private partnership. Two possible projects they’re looking at are the harbour tunnel project in Copenhagen and the Kattegat connection. – Berlingske

Danske Spil accused of favouring current TV partners

The national betting commission, Danske Spil, has attracted criticism for supposedly favouring a private firm when offering 90 million kroner worth of TV transmissions from horse racing. Danske Spil has continued to sell the TV rights to F3, who have produced the horse races since 2008, even though they have been heavily criticised for their performances. Danske Spil have chosen F3 once again, over new bidders AM Production, despite F3's financial problems. – Jyllands-Posten

Bank pricing gaps widening

Prices in Denmark’s most expensive banks can be up to four times as high as the cheapest ones, according to figures from banking portal The numbers indicate that a family with small loans can save 21,000 kroner a year by making the switch. One banking expert said that represents the biggest gap ever. The banking portal’s comparison of 50 banks showed that Vordingborg Bank is the most expensive for the standard family, while Spar Nord Bank is the cheapest. – Politiken