Today’s front pages – Thursday, Feb 14

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Kick-start sending money and jobs abroad

The government’s attempt to kick-start the economy has sent more funds outside Denmark’s borders than first believed. The Finance Ministry vastly underestimated how much money on average is needed to purchase goods and services abroad when investing in construction projects at home. As a result, the government's goal of 21,000 new jobs generated has been scaled back to only 16,000 jobs, and according to Statistics Denmark, 21 percent of the 'kick-start' investments are now going outside of the country instead of creating more jobs and growth in Denmark. – Jyllands-Posten

Novo Nordisk knew of product issues

Danish pharmaceutical giants Novo Nordisk were informed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in April 2012 that its new insulin drug, Tresbia, showed signs of creating cardiovascular problems. But the public was not informed about the situation until October 26, when the FDA announced that an expert committee would look into the drug's side effects. Novo Nordisk was hoping to gain a foothold on the US market but the news that Tresbia and another insulin drug, Ryzodeg, were rejected by the FDA led to a massive stock value reduction and a 17 billion kroner loss for the Danish company. – Berlingske

Officer to lead trials against military personnel

For the first time in Danish history, an active military officer has been commissioned to be a consultant and prosecutor for the military prosecution service, Forsvarets Auditørkorps, which despite its name is an independent authority. It is the first time in its 350-year history that the prosecuting authority has employed someone directly from the military, and experts are arguing that it could compromise the independence of the authority. Forsvarets Auditørkorps, which deals with criminal matters within the military, has until now solely recruited prosecutors from the police and the civil sector. – Politiken

Danish woman threatening to set fire to herself in India

A 50-year-old Danish woman is so angry with the police in India that she has threatened to set herself ablaze if they don’t arrest the three men who recently attacked her and her husband. The couple was attacked in their village home in the region of Punjab on February 10. The woman claims that when police questioned her about the attack, they called her a liar and abused her, she maintained. The couple has contacted the Danish Embassy in India, which has assured the woman that the case will be looked into by the local authorities. – Ekstra Bladet