A-Z in social media: Twitter, tagging and trolls


Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming increasingly controlled by the internet. From banking, to socialising, heck, even to reading The CPH Post’s InOut section, it’s all online for everyone to see. Instead of cowering in fear like a caveman, it’s about time we started embracing the boundless World Wide Web and put it to good use.

Running simultaneously in ten major world cities from February 18-22, Copenhagen plays host to the annual Social Media Week. Sponsored by Nokia – the company made famous for “connecting people” – the five-day event will see world-renowned industry experts from companies such as Maersk and Microsoft coalesce with an expected 3,000 members of Joe Public, all to discuss how we can collaborate on social media platforms and use them for our individual, cultural and economic benefit. 

To really get the virtual ball rolling, each of the 76 events focuses on this year’s one global theme: ‘Open & Connected’. With the majority of the events held in English, internationals living across Scandinavia are encouraged to attend. Such an elaborate programme means that there really is something for everyone, from web-savvy executives looking to find out how companies can use Facebook as a customer service tool, to technophobes who think that Twitter (shameless plug: luke_richardson) is something only birds can do.

Another reason you should attend is that it will cost you absolutely nothing. To secure your spot, all you have to do is sign up and register for the events you’re interested in. But be quick, space is limited, and allocation for some events is already filling up.

Scouring the impressive and lengthy schedule, here’s a list of some of the keynote speeches, panel discussions and free-bar networking opportunities you’d be foolish to miss out on.

Peer-to-peer: Twitter

Republikken, Vesterbrogade 26, Cph V; Wed 17:30-18:30 

Hosted by Danish communications specialists UNGKOM, this is one of four group sessions looking at how beginners get started with social media (others include Storify, LinkedIn and Instagram). Effectively, it’s ‘Twitter for dummies’, so head down and embrace the 140 characters, or less, phenomenon.


24syv Media Night

Radio 24syn, Vester Farimagsgade 41, Cph V; Thu (21 Feb) 17:30- 23:00 

Hosted by public service radio channel Radio24syv, this gala event will be a mixture of debate and entertainment, with Danish politicians, journalists, comedians and musicians meeting in one place to discuss why they’re so passionate about social media. Following the discussions, there will be an exclusive networking event. Don’t forget your Business eCards. 


Should you tell Facebook you’re stressed? 

Kforum, Gammel Kongevej 3E, Cph V; Thu (21 Feb) 14:00-16:00 

A discussion about how to manage your digital identity, this seminar sees two social media authors, Trine-Maria and Pernille Tranberg, debate the potential possibilities and pitfalls of sharing too much on the web.


Teens and Their Public Lives

Berlingkse Media, Pilestræde 34, Cph K; Mon 13:00-16:00 

Feel like you can’t communicate with your kids? Then this is the event for you! This web privacy seminar will look at how the younger generation adapt to new technologies so quickly, and what it is that they are sharing with the online world.


Citizen Service Meets Social Media

Komfo, Vestergade 29-31, Cph K; Tue 16:00-17:30 

This potentially fiery event brings representatives from several Danish councils together with their citizens to discuss how online communications can help improve our neighbourhoods, or perhaps make them worse.


Can’t make any of the events? Follow the whole thing online at www.socialmediaweek.org and on Twitter using the hashtag #SMWCPH


Social Media Week

Various venues in Cph; starts Mon, ends Feb 22; www.socialmediaweek.org/copenhagen