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February 21st, 2013

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Pension funds to invest in Greenland

The pension fund PKA has indicated that it intends to invest in the mining industry in Greenland before the end of this year. One of Denmark’s leading pension funds, PKA has said that it is prepared to invest 500 million kroner into every Greenlandic mining project it becomes involved in. PKA is currently investigating a few specific projects and another pension fund, PensionDanmark, is also looking into the prospect of investing in Greenlandic mines. – Berlingske

Elderly with wealthy children thrive

Elderly people with wealthy children receive more homecare than those whose children have low incomes. According to Statistics Denmark, an elderly man who lives alone and has a adult child who earns over 500,000 kroner a year, receives one-and-a-half times more homecare than the average elderly individual. But if the elderly person’s adult children earn below 100,000 kroner a year, that individual receives just half the number of care hours than the average. – Politiken

Packed hospitals across the country

A new survey shows that hospitals across the nation were packed full of too many patients last year. The Jyllands-Posten survey showed that every third medical department had was over capacity throughout all of 2012. Constantly operating above capacity has prompted patients, doctors and nurses to demand action. According to patient advocates Danske Patienter, over 1,000 beds in hospitals have been eliminated since 2007 and 43 percent of medical department nurses said they have had to treat patients lying in the hallways or in waiting rooms. – Jyllands-Posten

No tax relief for the banks

When the government reveals its ‘competition package’ sometime next week, the expected corporate tax cuts will most likely not include the financial sector. Sources involved with the proposal have informed financial daily Børsen that the government is looking to reduce the the amount of tax relief for the oft-criticised banking sector. In 2011, the financial sector contributed over 18 billion kroner in corporate taxes, the most paid by any industry. Banks warned that the move would damage their competetiveness. – Børsen


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