Heard about the Asian take on ‘hygge’?

Providing Malaysians and Danes with a platform to mingle since 2001

For 12 years, Malaysians based in Denmark, and Danish nationals with an affinity for the Southeast Asian country, have enjoyed being part of an active social scene, thanks primarily to the efforts of the Malaysian Danish Association (MDA).

Formed in 2001, the association wanted to give potential members the chance to socialise and eat good food, and over the years, it has heartily succeeded at both.

“It is no secret that Malaysians are unabashedly passionate about their food, and why not?” enthused MDA chair Julietta Nielsen.

“Malaysia boasts a diverse selection of ethnic food that makes a prominent presence in Southeast Asian cuisine.”

But it is not just the food, but the bonding that the Malaysians enjoy – you could say that the feeling is not too dissimilar to a certain sentiment know in these parts as ‘hygge’. No wonder so many Danes have joined the MDA.

“There is a distinct similarity,” continues Nielsen. “This in essence contributes to the numerous successful social gatherings that have been hosted by the MDA. My Danish husband has this to say about the Malaysians: “They only eat once a day, all day long”.  

Most expats based in Denmark would agree that he could have been speaking about family gathering on a Sunday.

Earlier this month, the MDA marked Muhibbah, the land of harmony celebrations, on February 2 with another of the sumptuous banquets it has become famous for. Other events to look forward to in 2013 include its spring festival in April, the Merdeka celebration of independence in August, and the MDA AGM in the autumn.

None of this would be possible without the ongoing support of the Malaysian Embassy and Tourism Malaysia, both of which are based in Stockholm, and the MDA’s patron and honorary consul, Per Gullestrup of Clipper Group Denmark.