Massive police raid targets gang members

February 28th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

Police raid several areas in attempt to tame violent conflicts between feuding gangs

In response to last week’s shootings and growing disturbances in the gang environment, Midt- og Vestsjællands police raided 20 addresses in different areas on Zealand this morning. 

“The raid today is aimed at those who carry or store weapons, and it is our clear objective to confiscate as many illegal weapons as possible,” chief police superintendent Christen Østergaard in a press statement.

The police did not reveal all of the raid locations, but the main area was in the residential neighbourhood of Ellemarken in Køge, where gangs are known to hang out. According to TV2’s sources, the gang Black Cobra set up their own stop-and-search zones in their ‘territory’ here. Police said that the gang's actions were tantamount to harassment.

“It creates discomfort amongst the residents when you make self-proclaimed security patrols and self-enforced frisks. We take this very seriously and we will not accept it,” deputy superintendent Kristian Egekær told BT tabloid.

The police, who recently extended a stop-and-search ordinance, turned over every stone in their effort to find weapons. Dogs helped search the bushes, while officers with metal detectors searched the ground. They also searched rubbish bins and the gutters. Residents helped the police by pointing out places the gangs usually guard.

The police confirm that they found a gun, hash, a gas spray and arrested two people, who are not necessarily linked to the discovery of the gun.

The police used Labrador Retrievers, which according to TV2 are usually used for tracking explosives. Police officials said, however, that they were only looking for weapons.

The residents of Ellemarken were very appreciative of the police’s work.

 “There is always trouble out here. I am used to see young people guard the area. They break the lights out here so it’s always dark when they guard. I am sick of it,” an anonymous resident told TV2.

Police in southern Zealand and on Lolland-Falster also carried out raids today at six different addresses. A total of five people were arrested for violating weapons laws. Two of the arrestees will also be indicted for violence. During the raid the police found one gun, two chrysanthemum bombs, ammunition and narcotics.


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