Going Underground | It’s snow wonder we’re fed up

It’s minus something outside and even those eager Facebook enthusiasts who were actively uploading one picture after another to document their love of snow when it all started back in December are now starting to lose their patience with the stuff. With spring still a good way off, Underground would hereby be delighted to take you by the hand and guide you towards several carefully picked hotspots at which you can find entertainment, laughs, and that elusive bit of encouragement that’ll propel you forward in this seemingly endless winterscape of white and grey. 

I think it’s fair to say that most people reading this define a good night out as having a bit more to it than what one may otherwise experience at the gaudy concoction of tourist traps and mainstream hotspots that decorate the city centre. If gulping dodgy-coloured shots with porn star names in Kulør Bar to the sounds of pop products like Rihanna and David ‘one piano key’ Guetta is not your thing, please read on. If it is, then excuse the judgment. 


February has been a surprisingly good month for music in Copenhagen, with the likes of Christiania icon Wafande doing his bit for the Danish dancehall revolution with a solid show at Vega. Drum ‘n’ bass fans are surely also all smiles at the moment following Andy C’s monumental gig at Pumpehuset.  The concert was something of a coup for the recently re-established concert venue who also managed to pay their respects to Bob Marley with a tribute concert by the late icon’s son, Ky Mani Marley.  Berlin’s electronic music veterans Modeselektor added a sheen of gloss to the month that’s gone by with a sensational performance at a sold-out Store Vega, so all in all it’s been a good one, despite the snow and the cold. But what about March then? 


Underground recommends: 


Tako Lako 

Serbian-influenced psychedelic gypsy vibe is how one of the members of Danish band Tako Lako describes their music. Known for chaotic concerts and a cultivated dislike of mainstream music, this band have played far and wide over the last couple of years and show few signs of stopping. If you haven’t seen them yet, now would be a good time to hop onboard the Tako Lako revolution.

Rust; Fri March 1; 100kr


Support party for Modkraft.dk 

It doesn’t get any more underground than Bolsjefabrikken. This fundraising event features the likes of dancehall mainstays Mighty Mala and Chancho, Cumbiatronica masters Copia Doble Sistema and other random names on the underground circuit, all of whom will be playing to raise money for the modkraft.dk movement. Organisations expected to have a presence there include Queer Jihad, Stop Udvisningerne, Boykot G4S, Free Gaza, Crisis Mirror and Socialistisk UngdomsFront.

Bolsjefabrikken, Ragnhildgade 1, Cph N; Sat March 2, 20:00-04:00; 40kr 


Kaizers Orchestra 

Kaizers Orchestra’s music is folk rock with heavily eastern European influences from a Norwegian sextet based in the city of Bergen. It sounds a little bit spacey, a little bit gypsy and rather wild, so prepare to break a rib or two and brush up on your Norwegian if you fancy attempting the nearly impossible task of understanding their lyrics.  

Store Vega; March 10; 250kr


Lulu Rouge

Lulu Rouge is Denmark’s unsung hero of electronic music. Some may recognise Lulu from his exploits at the annual Stella Polaris chillout festival where he’s played alongside the likes of Moby and Groove Armada, whilst others may know him from his work with Agnes Obel, one of the nation’s foremost pianists. Playing in Culture Box’s recently built basement red room ought to be something of an experience for both Lulu and anyone attending.  

Culture Box, Red booth; March 15; 50kr


Mahala Rai Banda

Mahala Rai Banda’s music is as uncouth and as unpretentious as the name suggests. This is Romani music at its best, complete with several brass band army veterans from the same famous village that bands such as Fanfare Ciocarlia hail from. It’s not too different to the sort of music featured in Sasha Baron Cohen’s provocative comedy Borat and its playful twist will surely tickle most. 

Global Nørrebro; March 16; 110kr


Reptile Youth

Previously known as Reptile n Retard, this electronic rock duo were responsible for one of the best Roskilde Festival concerts of 2011, providing a rollercoasting two hours of mayhem at Pavilion Junior. Back then, the lead singer timed a perilous clamber onto the pylons supporting the stage at the climax of the show to fling himself into the crowd below. There aren’t any pylons at Lille Vega so it might not get quite as exaggerated this time round. Reptile Youth’s music is produced by none other than David M Allen, a producer who’s worked with the likes of Depeche Mode and The Cure. Enough said. 

Lille Vega; Fri March 8, 150kr