Letting the poop do the talking

March 4th, 2013

This article is more than 10 years old.

‘Dissatisfied unemployed’ drop 100 kilos of horse dung at the entrance to the Employment Ministry as a way to say ‘thanks’ for recent reforms

It may be crude, but it was sure to get attention. 


A group of unemployed individuals delivered more than 100 kilos of manure to the front steps of the Employment Ministry this morning. According to a press release from Utilfredse Arbejdsløse (Dissatisfied Unemployed), the delivery was made in reaction to the government "breaking all of its promises of improvements for the unemployed". 


According to a participant in the dirty doorstep delivery identified as Preben, one of the primary motivations was the government's changes to the unemployment benefit, dagpenge


"Thousands of people risk losing house and home," Preben said. "In January alone, 5,000 people fell out of the dagpenge system and the only thing [the employment minister] Mette Frederiksen has to offer those affected is hot air and empty talk."


Another participant in this morning's dung drop-off, Anita, pointed to the reforms to the least generous unemployment benefit, kontanthjælp, as "another giant broken promise".


"They say that there isn't enough [money] for social benefits, but at the same time they manage to find billions for bank bailouts and decreasing corporate tax," said Anita. 


According to Ekstra Bladet tabloid, the manure – which appeared to be horse poop – was removed at 10am this morning. 


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