Heroin addicts find that their state-funded fixes leave them bored

Junkies used to searching for their next fix have nothing to do when it is given to them

Drug addicts accustomed to spending their time scuffling and hunting for their fix wind up with too much time on their hands after they are admitted into a heroin clinic and receive twice-daily prescription doses of state-funded heroin, according to Fyens Stiftstidende newspaper.

Many of them just don’t know how to handle their newly-found free time, according to Mette Guul, head of Reden Odense, a YWCA centre for abused women and prostitutes.

“They say they are lonely, bored and do not know what to do now that they do not have to chase the drugs anymore,” Guul told Fyens Stiftstidende.

The centre has started a bi-weekly programme of activities for the group, including things like cooking classes, internet lessons, bicycling, museum visits and crocheting. So far, 18 of the 20 women using the clinic have signed up for an information session.

The staff at the Reden heroin clinic in Aarhus have also noticed more women showing up to sew or knit now that their time is not spent looking for their next fix.

“They have more time when they do not have to go out and hunt for drugs,” said Guul.

There are heroin clinics in Copenhagen, Hvidovre, Esbjerg, Aarhus and Odense, where 58 addicts are supplied with state-sponsored heroin.